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10 Ways to Show Yourself Love

Learning to love yourself is an everyday journey. It will influence how you perceive yourself and even those around you. Unsure of what steps to take towards loving yourself right now? Not to worry. As promised, below are some ways you can begin to show yourself love right now! Some steps to take toward loving […]

My Journey to Self-Love

My Journey to Self-Love

Self-love is having an immense desire for your own happiness, growth and well-being. As an adolescent who struggled with being overweight and had low self-esteem, I knew the opposite of self-love. I went through a time of transition, from losing weight to eventually engaging in unhealthy habits to keep the weight off. Unhealthy eating habits […]

Being Single: A Season of Purpose

Being Single: A Season of Purpose

Being single isn’t what society makes it out to be. Being single is a season of purpose and that purpose can only be fulfilled if you and I choose to enjoy it, instead of resenting it. Don’t let this season of being single pass you by unfulfilled. I don’t want you to look back, wishing you […]


I Am Enough

I am African. I am Woman. I am Powerful all on my own. Those exact words came to me on my way home from work some weeks ago, as I pondered and prayed over my life at the moment. It came from a place of realization and acceptance. Those words mean more to me than […]