About Seun Sodunke

Hi my name is Oluwaseun (O-Lou-wa-shay-eum ) Sodunke, but call me Seun!

I started this blog as a means to inspire women on their journey to self-love and personal style. I love to see women love themselves and live their best life, without any limits. I also believe that style is the physical representation of what you internally believe about your self. Having a personal style lets you present to the world how you truly feel on the inside. They say when you look good, you feel good. I believe that…but the work must start on the inside, so you can then project what you truly feel about yourself. This is where self-love and acceptance comes in!

On this blog, you can expect content and tips on how to love yourself, discovering your personal style, style tips and of course…faith talks.

Besides my love for inspiring women…

I am a Christian girl and strive daily, to live to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. I am also a lover of; good food, good music (Nigerian music…anyone?), cuddling with my blanket while watching a good movie (Yoruba movies are my faves), spending time with family, catching up with friends, and listening to a good audio book.

Finally, I am a current graduate student, working towards my masters degree in Healthcare Administration. I aspire to help others, especially adolescents and women live healthier lives, through preventative measures against obesity and diabetes.

Please join me as I share my life and style, while inspiring you to embrace all of who you are!

Want to chat? Let’s connect at styledbyseun@gmail.com