About Seun Sodunke

Hi, I’m Seun Sodunke and I help women look and feel their best, and be confident in who they are. I do this through my various styling services.

Some of the biggest frustration I hear from women are lack of confidence in their daily outfit choices, ill-fitting clothes, and the constant I have nothing to wear phase. Some women also complain of having numerous change of clothes before leaving the house each morning, only to end up with an outfit they dislike. The most common of them all is, never finding the right clothes for their body type and a total dislike of their closet and the clothes they have.


I completely understand their struggles, because I’ve been in the same position. During my teenage and early adult years, I struggled with a low self-image and struggled with embracing self-love. Even after adapting a healthier lifestyle, it took a while to truly love myself. I went into college, still with that negative self-image. I picked on myself and would complain about how I looked. It got to a point where I hated wearing short sleeves, due to the stretch marks on my arms from being overweight. 

Though it took me a while, I’ve embraced my body and personal style and I’ve never looked back. Discovering and embracing my style has allowed me stand out and be my original self. I didn’t have to do anything drastic, but knowing how to dress my body and accentuate my best features has given me a boost of confidence.  I would love to help you do the same!

I’m here to help you look and feel your best, and be confident in who you are. 

I know how having a negative self-image of yourself can lead to a lack of style and confidence. This is why I am here, to help you discover your personal style, and walk confidently through it.

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