10 Ways to Show Yourself Love

Learning to love yourself is an everyday journey. It will influence how you perceive yourself and even those around you. Unsure of what steps to take towards loving yourself right now? Not to worry. As promised, below are some ways you can begin to show yourself love right now!


Some steps to take toward loving yourself are:

  1. Affirm yourself everyday
    • Make a list of affirmations in present tense. (ex: I am beautiful. I am healthy. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am valuable to God. I am confident in who I am in Christ.)
  2. Embrace your body type
    • Don’t shy away from looking at yourself in the mirror. It will bring you closer to embracing your bare body. Wear clothes that flatter your figure…accentuate your best features. I like my legs, so I do enjoy wearing dresses and skirts.
  3. Speak positively over your life
    • This all starts in the mind. What you think, you believe…what you believe, you speak. Beware of your thoughts and hold it captive when you notice it’s not positive. This is something I work on…daily.
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others.
    • Just because that girl is better at cooking (just an example) than you, doesn’t mean you’re not good at anything. You’ve got to dig deep to find what you’re good at. Sometimes, it’ll come naturally to you or you might have to do some soul searching…but you’ll find it.
  5. Celebrate yourself…you’re worth celebrating.
    • Single? Take yourself out on a date. Hang out with friends. Like that blouse at the store? Buy it (in moderation…of course!)
  6. Exercise.
    • I try to get in some exercise in the morning when I can, or some quick Yoga stretches. If not, I take a 20-30 minutes walk during my break at work. Any bit of exercise helps.
  7. Take steps toward your dream, no matter how small or big your dream may seem.
    • God can use the least likely of people. Small progress is still progress…keep at it.
  8. Find your personal style
  9. Seek inspiration from those you admire
    • Your circle of influence can affect your life positively or negatively. Choose wisely.
  10. Journal your thoughts and Pray!
    • A short prayer can keep you going during those difficulty moments of self doubt. Pray.

As a bonus: laugh at yourself…be silly, be carefree…just like I was in the picture above. Lol

So…tell me, what steps are you going to take towards loving yourself, right now?!




2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Show Yourself Love

  1. I have always embraced #4 but I am now working towards my dream. That’s the biggest step in working towards and it’s scary but exciting. Awesome post, people really need to remember these things because this world is set up to make it hard for us to love ourselves!


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