4 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Style

Your personal style should reflect who you are and who you aspire to become. It is an avenue to embracing and expressing your authentic self. It lets the world know how awesome you are, just with the way you present yourself, even without saying  a word.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Style

Are you still unsure of why you should develop your personal style? Then, this post is for you. Today, I will share 4 of the many reasons why you need a personal style.

Having a personal style:

  • Helps you look better 
    • There is a magical connection between the way you look and how you feel. There’s a saying that states that, when you look good, you feel good. I believe how you are dressed definitely affects your mood. So, why not affect your mood positively, by dressing well. When you put an effort into the way you look, you are more likely to receive compliments. Who doesn’t like compliments?
  • Shows off your personality
    • Your personal style says a whole lot about you, without you having to say a word. In knowing your personal style, you are able to express how you feel on the inside, to the outside. Even strangers get to see a glimpse of who you are, just by the way you are dressed. People often judge us by our physical appearance, so why not try your best to make those judgments a positive one?
  • Gives you confidence
    • When you know your personal style, you will naturally exude confidence. It’s like a confidence booster. You’ll like to perceive different vibes from a woman that’s well-put together, even with a simple outfit such as a pair of jeans, a nice top and cute shoes, and a woman who walked out of the house in her pajamas, just because she doesn’t care.
  • Embrace your body type
    • As women, we often put ourselves down, because of the way our body looks or doesn’t look. But finding your personal style will put you in a vulnerable position to face and embrace your insecurities. It will help open doors into knowing what your best features are, so you can accentuate them. You are then able to experiment with various clothing types and outfit variations, to figure out the best ones for your body type.
    • For example, a body-con dress is not always flattering on every body type, but can be, depending on the way it is styled. A woman with a rectangular body shape can wear a peplum top to help create the illusion of wider hips, while a woman with an apple shape, can also wear a peplum top to help hide her trouble spot, which is often her tummy area.

Knowing your Personal Style gives you a chance to become more confident in your physical appearance. You will no longer have to hide behind unflattering clothes, but have the courage to dress up your best assets and own your look!

I hope this posts has inspired you to own/find your personal style and look your best, unapologetically!




5 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Style

    1. Thank you.

      Find some people that inspire you with their style. You can create a Pinterest board (or screenshot outfits from Instagram) with images that grab your attention. You’ll begin to notice a trend in the images you pin. Those images can give you a hint to what you style is.


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