Being Single: A Season of Purpose

Being single isn’t what society makes it out to be. Being single is season of purpose and that purpose can only be fulfilled if you and I choose to enjoy it, instead of resenting it. Don’t let this season of being single pass you by unfulfilled. I don’t want you to look back, wishing you had did this or that while you were single. Rather, ask God to guide you into fulfilling His purpose in your life, for this season. Trust me, He will, if you just ask.

As promised last week, today, I will elaborate on last week’s post, by sharing with you, the post I shared on Instagram.

Being Single: A Season of Purpose


“I am not one to talk about relationships or my relationship status on social media, but I have been learning a lot lately. Self acceptance includes accepting all of who you are, the good, bad and the evolving traits. Those who know me well, know how much I desire to me married and become a mother one day. But, I have had my share of relationships and break ups, and do not wish to repeat any of it.

However, I still desire companionship, which is only normal, as a human and a 26 years old woman with feelings.

But, lately, God has been teaching me to accept this side of me; the single side. He is teaching me to embrace it and get rid of the sadness I often feel towards this season of being single. Being single has its ups and downs and often times, my emotions go haywire when I remember that I am single. BUT, marriage also has its ups and downs.

So, for now, with God’s grace, I will enjoy my single season, and when the time is right, I will also enjoy being married. I will continue to wait, and hold my crown upright, until God brings the right one, the one that will see and know my worth without question. Waiting for my swag partner.”


Remember, you are whole all by yourself. When the right man comes along, he will complement you, because you’re already completed in Christ. Don’t just sit around waiting for the right person.  Rather, use this time to know yourself, embrace yourself and develop yourself, and dive into what you truly love. Your single season can also be fruitful if you put in the work to enjoy it.

I hope this post hit home for you. Until next time!




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